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Latest from the Blog

Light Up Christmas Card

I’m started to work on my Christmas Cards early this year after last year’s experience of still making them right up until the day I had to get on a plane to join my family interstate for the holidays! I came across a wonderful tutorial by Createinspain on how to use LED lights in papercraft….

Lost Heritage Shawl

The Lost Heritage Shawl is a very large wrap around shawl (more like a cloak!) that is a modified version of fillet crochet and features Native American motifs.  It is also much more than a crochet pattern – designing this has been a journey into my own lost heritage.  I was born in California, USA…

ANZAC Poppy Cowl

For Australians, ANZAC Day has special significance. It’s at Gallipoli that we found our national identity. We wear the poppy on this day each year to honour the sacrifice made by those who have served in our military in times of war. This cowl is my way of wearing the poppy during the often chilly…

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