Drunk Dog Creative is my happy place. I am a maker… a multi-crafter… and a lifelong learner. I also happen to adore my two miniature dachshunds – Marcus and Hugo. My main creative domain is in fibre arts – specifically designing for crochet. But I also spin wool (occasionally), knit (rarely) and weave on a Saori loom (as often as possible). Over the last couple of years I’ve added a few more strings to the bow… jam making (Drunk Dog Jams) and papercrafting. I’ve also started dabbling with resin but I suspect that’s all I’ll ever do with it…dabble.. It’s that lifelong learner thing… I’m always game to try new things, including new crafts.

I’m also a career educator… I’m a full Professor and I’ve worked in universities for over 30 years… teaching is as much a part of who I am as what I do so it’s only natural that as I learn ways of making and creating, I want to pass that knowledge on to others.

This site was originally dedicated to sharing my crochet patterns as well as tutorial videos on different stitches. But as my interests expanded over the last couple of years, I tried having different sites for different things but that just got confusing and hard to manage. So I’ve brought everything together here in one site. Blog posts are searchable based on what you’re interested in so make use of the search function to find the thing that’s your jam whether it be yarn, hook, paper, ink loom, or …. actual jam.

So welcome to Drunk Dog Creative. Pull up a chair, grab your favourite making tools, relax and come on a creative advenure with us!

Happy hooking (or inking….or weaving… or…whatever!),


Bridget A.

Marcus & Hugo invite you to join us in a creative adventure.