Introducing Long Dog Wool Fibre Arts

Hi there! This is Bridget A from Long Dog Wool Fibre Arts and I want to introduce you to this blog. My passion is crochet but I find my interests straying into all areas of fibre arts – spinning wool, sewing, knitting, and hopefully soon I will learn to weave. This blog is about that passion. I’ll be posting videos on crochet techniques and patterns for the beautiful and useful things that I design. I’ll also be sharing some of my adventures, and misadventures, in the fibre arts journey.

So, why the name Long Dog Wool? Well, I am owned by two long dogs… Marcus and Roxy. These two miniature dachshunds are the loves of my life (and you can follow their adventures on FB and Insta under Two Tails of Mishchief). While I am an award winning hooker (try using that as an icebreaker introduction at work functions!), it was only in 2018 that I tried to design something myself – a dachshund baby blanket as a fundraiser for Dachshund Rescue Australia. And so, Long Dog Wool was born. Roxy and Marcus quality inspect every item I make. Roxy also steals every blanket I’ve tried to make for myself, while Marcus usually just gets tangled up in my yarn. Of course, not everything I design or make is dachshund themed, but whenever I do sell things, I always donate part of the proceeds to Dachshund Rescue Australia, which is where I got my very first Dachshund. They are a unique breed and not for the beginner! But once they steal your heart, you’re owned by them forever.

So, meet the long dogs of Long Dog Wool…. Roxy is my chocolate dapple, short hair, 10 year old female and Marcus is my red brindle, long hair, 5 year old male. They are inseparable – from each other and from me. My constant companions and heart stealers. Just please forgive their terrible taste in AFL teams! #CollingwoodForever.

My hope is that in the coming weeks and months, the stitch tutorial library will grow and the patterns will keep coming. There may even be a few funny stories along the way. So check back here often and follow my adventures on Facebook and Insta as Homemade by Bridget A and on Pinterest and Ravelry as Long Dog Wool. Happy hooking!!


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