Front-Post and Back-Post Stitches: A Long Dog Wool Stitch Tutorial

Front post double crochet (fpdc) and back post double crochet (bpdc) stitches (called front post treble crochet and back post treble crochet in UK terms) are beautifully decorative and useful stitches. They are often used to create a ‘ribbing’ effect in crochet similar to the type of knit ribs you find on sweater cuffs and edges. They’re also used often in overlay crochet. See some examples below of how I have used these stitches in projects.

They are based on a standard double crochet stitch but instead of placing your hook through the top loops of the stitch, you do the stitch around the post of the stitch itself. In the front post double crochet, the finished stitch sits in front of the stitch you are working in while in the back post double crochet, the stitch sits at… you guessed it… the back! They sit lower than a standard double crochet so neighbouring stitches are usually done as half double crochets (half treble crochet in UK terms) and turning chains are reduced by 1 when doing a row in these stitches.

So grab a ball of yarn and a hook, get comfortable, and have a look at the video tutorial. The narration uses USA crochet terms, but the appropriate UK term is provided in subtitles.

What did you think? I bet you’re an expert now! Why not comment here or on our Facebook Page about what you plan to make with this stitch? Even better, post photos of your attempts and finished projects! Happy hooking!


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