Something new has happened!

The time has come for something new…

When I started this journey I was making things specifically for people who were owned by a dachshund. It started with a facebook group dedicated to home crafters who made dachshund themed items to sell… because once a dachshund owns you, you buy everything dachshund-related! I was making things and donating the money to Dachshund Rescue Australia – a wonderful charity that I still support. However, when I branched out into designing my own patterns and selling crochet goods and jams at the local farmers market, I ran into some problems. People thought that either the things for sale were made of dog fur, or that everything was for dogs. Oh my goodness!

Between that feedback and the fact I had branched out to become a multi-crafter, I realised I needed a new name but nothing seemed quite right. Then last weekend, my son-in-law and daughter, who had paid me a surprise visit from Sydney for my birthday, made the perfect suggestion. They reminded me that everyone loved the name for the jams I make (and sometimes sell) … Drunk Dog Jams. Why not use that for everything? And so … Long Dog Wool has become Drunk Dog Creative!

Where did “Drunk Dog” come from? I’m glad you asked! One of the long dogs of Long Dog Wool was Roxy. She was my beautiful short hair chocolate dapple mini dachshund. I say was, because in October, 2021, at 12 years old, she crossed the rainbow bridge. It was horrible to lose her and truthfully, I am still not over it. Anyways, the very tiny but mighty Roxy had a way of giving you the ’side eye’ that made you realise you were in deep trouble with her. But it also made her look like she was a bit drunk and trying to figure things out. That’s the official story. Of course, there may or may not have also been an incident where ’someone’ (not one of the family) got Roxy drunk while I was away on a business trip. I have never been so torn between a giggle and sheer anger in my life. Thankfully she was totally fine.

Now remember what I said about Dachshund Rescue Australia? Well, Hugo, my other long dog, was a mess when we lost Roxy. He didn’t eat for three weeks. DRA stepped in and saved us both. Marcus and I adopted Hugo just before Christmas. Hugo is the dog in the logo. He also has Roxy’s sassy attitude and is a master of the side eye. And God help you if you try to come between him and his ball.. unless you’re throwing it for him of course. He has a habit of perching on top of the couch – the very high back of the couch – and holding his ball, giving you a stare, daring you to take it away. So the logo features Hugo doing just that. And yes, I still donate a healthy portion of the profits of sales of my patterns, goods and jams to Dachshund Rescue Australia.

So there you have it! Drunk Dog Creative is now live. My first love is, of course, crochet and I will continue to post lots of crochet stuff including new patterns that are going to be released soon. But I am also indulging in Saori weaving and papercraft… and whatever else I decide to try my hand at… so there will be posts and photo shares from multiple crafts.

Don’t hide under the bathroom sink like Hugo and Marcus! Come join us on socials and be part of the Drunk Dog Creative fun!

Marcus and Hugo – love wrapped in fur.

Hugo and Marcus, the dogs of Drunk Dog Creative, want to remind you to subscribe to this blog and follow Drunk Dog Creative on all the socials.

Woof woof. Sit. Stay. Follow us. Good human.


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